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On yet another lesson flying in the pattern I finish the pre-flight checklists, finish the engine run up tests, and taxi out to the hold short area just before takeoff. The weather was kinda grayish with a broken cloud cover and the clouds looked like a couple of thousand feet high. I believe the AWOS weather was reporting 2500 ft but I’m not sure. Another plane is on final approach and were waiting and he lands saying there are voids to the west side of the airport, the part tern side. We think for a second and call out that we are departing, he calls us and says he wouldn’t recommend pattern work. We think a minute or so more and I of douse don’t have the experience to judge the call. My instructor says lets go up and see what it’s like flying a little bit lower than usual.

We take off no problem, turn to crosswind no problem, then turn downwind and I see wisps of the bottom of clouds protruding down into our path about a half mile or so ahead. We stay lower than usual and I turn from downwind to base quite early and angle the base in a very ugly way to give us enough distance for the final. We come in for a routine landing come to a full STOP and call it a day. For the few seconds we were almost in the cloud it was kind of freaky and I can see how for an instrument rating you basically learn how to fly totally blind.

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