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Get Off My Tail Dude

So it was just another morning doing doing pattern work. I’m on the crosswind leg and see there is another plane joining then downwind leg on the 45. That means some plane that was not in the pattern has now joined the pattern and is presumably going to land. We tell him that were about to turn downwind via the usual “montgomery traffic one alpha tango turning downwind Montgomery”. We also tell him specifically that we have him in sight implying for him not to worry. He’s flying I think some piper aircraft and was going quite a bit slower so for the first time in my flying I had three opportunity to pass someone, fun fun.

The other plane was a couple of hundred feet in front of us so I veered a little to the right, your supposed to pass on the right when overtaking a plane and all was fine. We extended our downwind leg to give him time to turn to base. He turned to base and then to final. We turn to base and announce on the radio our position, meanwhile he is on final about halfway to landing. We turn to final announcing our position and he calls out, “hey dude get off my tail”. I inform him, “plenty of distance dude.” just another day in the pattern.

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