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Not Quite Solo Ready

So after almost 20 lessons flying the pattern I’m getting hints from my instructor that I’m getting close to being ready for my solo. Not to mention that I’m starting to get a llittle antsy myself to do the solo. In the office for the flight school I’m bull shitting with the instructor and his boss about getting ready for the solo and the boss man pipes up and says “I’ll have to check you out also before your solo”. Most amusing thought. I don’t really mind the prospect of flying with another instructor, in fact it would probably be a nice change.

So a week or so later we set up to fly with the boss man. He’s not a small man and we take off. The plane seems to have less oomph then usual, it was a pretty warm morning and I first blamed the lack of power on density altitude, that’s where the plane acts as if at higher altitude and has less power. Boss man puts his left arm on the back of my seat just making more room for himself doesn’t bother me and I’m glad he seems relaxed. I was doing fine but tended to be fighting with the plane it went higher and a bit faster then I wanted at times. My main problem was not hitting the damn center line on the runway on any of my landings. Once he even said to land on the right half of the runway (it’s a fairly wide 75ft runway) and I puled that off just fine. He says you can land on the right side you should be able to land on the center line! I agree! For the last trip around the pattern at the end of the downwind leg he pulls out the throttle to idle and says ” you just lost your engine”. I do exactly the right maneuvers, cut the speed to 65 knots, turn to aim for the runway about a third of the way past the threshold and. Plant that sucker down just fine on the runway. We taxi back and on the way back he proclaims that I need a bit more practice. Unfortunately I really agree and was a bit frustrated with myself but better safe than sorry!

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