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Second Solo Same as the First

Had my second solo today…basically same as the first. Started an hour later then usual (8AM) expected more traffic, turned out pretty quiet initially then it did pick up a little bit. First I did 3 patterns with my instructor.  Had a pretty awful bouncy landing on one, “Sandy FLAIR FLAIR” he cried …oh well I still tend to wait a tad too long…it wasn’t that bad but I was annoyed at myself. I want to grease em all of course.

So after the 3 patterns I drop him off on the taxi way and I’m off all alone again…fun fun. Didn’t have to switch runways at all the whole day was on runway 32. Another student was also in the pattern we never got close or interfered, we were both doing full stops so there was plenty of time to get good spacing. My landing were not bad and not great, the 2nd one by myself was pretty good. The third one a little bouncy and almost turned too quickly to the cutoff for the taxi way, it lifted the right wheel off the runway a tad…not good so I just corrected and waited to slow down, all was good. Got life stuff to do so no more lessons for a bit over a week! Hope I remember it all the next time 😉

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