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Lancaster Again…CX Solo Prep

Today I went to Lancaster (KLNS) yet again…would have been somewhat boring…BUT…this was in preparation for tomorrow’s cross country SOLO trip to Lancaster!

My instructor said that I needed to pretty much manage the whole flight myself and just assume he wasn’t there…sorta. The trip was, and I’m not complaining, fairly uneventful. There were no issues with the transponder or the radio which was nice and it was  the first time I did a long trip with my old faithful N911AT. I just set up the GPS to directly go to KLNS and the same on the return home. I mostly got the hang of when I was supposed to contact Potomac Approach, the folks that deal with the Washington DC, SFRA (Special Flight Rules Area).

We did go through a number of scenarios such as “what do you do if you lose communications?” Which was very useful…basically check all the device settings which is likely the cause of a problem, check circuit breakers, but if it’s truly an equipment failure, you squawk 7600 and search for a place to land, not crossing into the SFRA. My one concern was what to do if I screwed up the setting of the GPS device, fairly easy to do given the horrible user interface. Worst case I could power it off and on which would reset it. Better advice, don’t willy nilly screw with the device 😉

More tomorrow after the big SOLO!

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