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Oh Goodie the Hoodie

Had another lesson today, I think I’m somewhat in the home stretch. I still need to get a little bit more time in a cross country and solo and a few other things. One of those things which I’ve never done before is “time under the hood”. More formally known as “simulated instrument” time, I need 3 hours total and knocked off a whole 0.2 hours today.

The “hood” is a little plastic visor thingy (that’s a technical term) that you strap on your head that blocks the view out of the windshield of the plane. It simulates flying in clouds, i.e. flying blind. You just fly looking at the instruments. It’s kinda strange but turned out to be somewhat fun.

My instructor just said fly to heading 90 and maintain altitude and I attempted to do that. Then fly to heading 150 and descend to 2700 and I attempted that. I could see from the instruments, and somewhat feel that I was zig zagging somewhat and going up and down with the altitude. I eventually got a better hang of it if I concentrated on just the attitude indicator.

My instructor then asked if I wanted to try something else…I said sure and so he said make believe that you just sorta wake up and find yourself in some random position like with the plane nose down or with it way too much nose up. Move the throttle to idle (if nose down) and to full throttle if nose up and then level the wings (also via looking at the attitude indicator). So he had me close my eyes and look down (all of this is with the hood on)…he sets up the plane at some weird angle and says ok take over. I find the plane in one instance with the nose down and in another instance with the nose up. I think I did pretty well although not terribly fast. It was most amusing!

We also few over some little mountains not far by and did a touch and go in KFDK since I had last time recounted to him how bad I did joining the traffic pattern on my solo. I did fine today (of course) and conquered KFDK (BFD). We head back home to KGAI and I ask about flying over my work site and he says I need to tell Potomac Approach. I do tell them I want to do some orbits about 5 miles from the airport and he says fine. I specifically didn’t tell Potomac that I wanted to fly over NIST, as that’s a federal site and I didn’t want to get them excited 😉 I did fly over the campus and then headed back there, turned out to be a bunch of traffic just to make the pattern more exciting and that’s all there is!

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