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Slow Flight Refresher

Another quicky lesson today. We do a shortened pre-flight (instructor was just back in it and said ok), and taxi off to the runup ramp area. We’re about to taxi out to the hold short spot of the runway when a helicopter mozies on in kinda following the runway but a little off. NO FREAKING COMMUNICATIONS whatsoever…I mean is this the height of rude and unsafe or what! My instructor was just laughing and shaking his head in agreement. Helicopter communications is very spotty in KGAI. I almost got on the CTAF to say departing and add “hey nice communications helicopter!” but didn’t.

So we take off and start some slow flight maneuvers in both “configurations”. One is the takeoff and the other the landing configuration. The main difference is that for the takeoff config flaps are up and for landing config flaps are down. The main idea is to use the slow flight technique to keep your altitude while going as slow as possible, basically almost stalling but not quite. It’s actually lots of fun and is the exact same technique that you use for landing sorta, but you play being close to stall speed more. After the maneuver you recover by going to full throttle and leveling out.

We did this a couple of times with each config and that was pretty much it. Flew over KFDK on the way out which is always fun making sure to announce position to the KFDK CTAF…we didn’t behave like helicopters 😉

Tomorrow I have a long solo NOT to Lancaster…stay tuned.

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  1. gail
    August 30, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    hey, enjoy your flight tomorrow, and look for a delivery around the end of the work day. have fun and fly right! love, gail

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