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It’s a Baseball Kinda Day

Had a relatively short lesson today. Just the second day with the new instructor, still feeling each other out so to speak 😉 He’s great and gives me good feedback. A couple of unusual things happened today. On the run-up portion of preflight check you turn on the carb heat to see if it (correctly) reduces the RPM of the engine (which is revved up to 1700RPM). Well I pull the carb heat control out and the engine revs up faster!! WTF! It settles down in a few seconds but I do a double take and try it again turning the carb heat off then on and it’s all normal. My instructor explains that there was some ice in the carburetor…most amusing! Given that it was about 7AM and that the temp overnight (for the first time this fall) was quite cold..it made sense but I’ve never had a plane do that before.

There was also very little fuel in the plan enough for at least 1.5 hours maybe more and given that we were intending on going up for an hour it was fine. Note to bozos who fly…fuel up at the end of the day please!! At 7AM the FBO wasn’t open to add fuel so it was a potential problem, but not for today.

We get up in the air and I have one of the worst if not THE worst takeoff I can remember!  The plane was rolling off center line and I was pulling back on the yoke a bit too much and it got airborne in a very uncontrolled manner, a little tilted and just screwy! I straightened it out fine but not a good impression for the new instructor I’m sure 😉 Anyway we get up and do a pattern my turns were ok and I was corrected to not abbreviate my call sign on the radio calls, a habit I’ve gotten into, and should break. On the turn to final I manage to turn so that we have a very short and high final…oh great…we decide to do a go around. Haven’t done an unintentional go around like that in  months!

We do a touch n go and things go much smoother, I hit the altitudes and turns better, guess I’m more awake 😉  My instructor points out a baseball field to my left, which I’ve seen before but he tells me to use that as a point to turn to base. Old instructor never pointed out landmarks, not sure if it’s better or not to be told of landmarks but I like it better this way. I manage a fairly short but not awful final and land fine. Also on the downwind the low voltage light turns on…hmmmmm. A circuit breaker popped out.

The breaker was labeled “outfield” which following the baseball theme of the day I pointed out that this was a special baseball plane (you may groan). We continue the pattern, I push the circuit breaker in and it pops out again so something really is wrong. We do one more pattern and then land so that the problem can be dealt with. For my last landing I was also short (strange how today all my finals were short where as usually they are long enough for a 747). I was going too fast probably 70-75 when over the threshold, so we let the plane fly over and not touching down to bleed some speed, we landed fine burning up most of the runway but not too far. Fun fun just another day in the pattern.

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