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One Dark and Rainy Night

Finished up my last set of required night landings. You need a total of 10 to get the PPL (private pilot license). Naturally the weather sucked (actually it has all week!) and was drizzly, rainy and all around unpleasant. Nothing unusual on the preflight so eventually (after waiting forever for the plane in front of us to take off) we take off.

We do the pattern just fine and I go a little farther on the downwind cause last time I was too short on all the landings. Runways look very cool at night and runway 14, the one we used has a VASI (a light system to help you fly on the correct glide path) that was quite useful. Usually I don’t care for the VASI but at night its just hard to see the actual surface of the runway. I come in just fine and have a smooth landing. The strangest thing happened though on this and all the landings, we hit the runway before I expected. At night there was somewhat of an illusion (perhaps due to the placement of the lights) that the runway is farther away then it was. However I had really very good…one was even great…landing each time. Strange, perhaps I need to figure out what I was looking at (farther down the runway I think) and do that in daytime to grease more landings. The instructor was very complimentary about my flying in general…hey I like this new guy!

I need to do a little more night flying I think and a little more solo work and then I should be ready to prepare for the check ride…whooohoooo!

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