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Solo TP Again

Get to the airport this morning and instructor tells me we have only an hour cause they need the plane at 9AM. Sooo no hood work and we’re going to just stay in the pattern so I can get some more of the required solo time. Kinda annoying as I’ve done the traffic pattern routine a gazzillion times but since it’s so gorgeous outside it should be relaxing and is wonderful to NOT be under the hood.

We do the pattern twice with the instructor in the plane. The second landing was a no flaps landing coming in a bit fast and I both landings were pretty damn smooth. I drop off the instructor and do two more solo patterns (coming to full stop each time). Nothing eventful, but on the second pattern a plane was inbound and I spotted him file as he got in front of me (with plenty of distance) so that was fun. Landed solo fine both times and that’s all there is!

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