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Short Field Landings, Stalls and Engine Failure!

OK not a real engine failure a “simulated” engine failure 😉 Had a great lesson after work today, an unusual time for me, good for a change. Did the usual prep and took off for KFDK (Fredrick) in a different plane, this one did NOT have any GPS so of course I was clueless where we were most of the time.

On the way to KFDK the first thing we do is a couple of slow flight practices, in the landing and takeoff configuration. Man my instructor likes to really stall the plane. It’s totally freaky slowing the plane down, then pushing in the throttle (as if taking off), and pulling back the yoke ALL THE WAY, pointing the plane way up to the sky until we really stall at about 35-40 kts. The plane usually tilts a little bit to one side and just drops but fortunately the nose kind of leads you right down and the plane almost straightens itself out. You apply full throttle pull back on the yoke (you let go on the drop) to start to get a positive rate of climb and bingo you’re done. It’s not all that hard really but the business of pulling the yoke back while the plane is losing speed is insane!

We get to KFDK and from quite a bit away my instructor says we’re going to do an engine failure practice and he pulls out the throttle from pretty darn far away. I pull the nose up till we hit 65 kts the optimal glide speed and slowly maneuver to a good final position and we reach the runway fine and touch down just peachy. Instructor was very pleased as was I.

We do a touch and go and this time round we practice for a short field landing. The idea is to touch down a bit slower then usual and right on the numbers of the runway. I nail it … twice (thank you very much) and instructor was very happy. I thought there were some issues with the pattern and landing but if he’s happy, I’m happy.

We head back to KGAI and nothing much happens. It’s almost time for the sun to set and but it’s not low enough to be scenic just low enough to be annoying. We touchdown fine and that’s all she wrote.

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