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Windy, 12 Knots is Fine

It was a dark and stormy night. But it cleared up pretty darn good in the morning so off I went for a lesson, but man it was windy!

The wind sock was sticking out fairly straight and swinging around a bit. We took of with a short field takeoff and about a 7kt crosswind. The short field takeoff was kinda fun you have to use the WHOLE runway, 10 degrees of flaps, and you rev up the engine with full throttle while holding the brakes. Then you let go of the brakes and shoot off (not that fast really), you rotate to get airborn at 55RPM and fly over the runway using ground effect to give more lift. You then climb at 70kts and when 200ft over the runway you remove the flaps. I did ok nothing great, didn’t really use the ground effect enough but ce la vie.

So we go off to Fredrick and have a couple of patterns there. First we do an engine out simulation (again) also fairly far away and just as the instructor starts it he says “oh yeah there is quite a bit of wind we might not make it…forgot about that”. Oh great. So I maneuver at 65 kts and turn with a very short final to try to ensure that we make it and we do! I nailed it fine and instructor seems reasonably impressed…always fun. We didn’t actually land he had me do a go around and I hesitated too much because I really wanted to land but he’s the boss.

We go around and get set for a short field landing. My pattern altitudes really sucked! I was suppposed to be at 1300MSL and I varied between 1500 and 1200. I’m just programmed for 1500 which is the pattern altitude at KGAI. Anyway we go around the pattern for a short field landing and I aim for the numbers and nail it fine touching down reasonably smooth also. We do a second short field landing this time to a full stop and I nail it even better, instructor said it was a very short field we probably stopped in less then 1000ft.

I was feeling pretty good at this point.

We head off from KFDK and climb to 2500 (just beneath the clouds) and get set for some stalls. Did them fairly good getting used to stalling the plane, dropping out of the sky and leveling off. It’s still a strange sensation but getting used to it…I guess that why they call it practice.

Next we do some 360 degree turns. I turn fine but lose at least 200-300 ft on the turns which is BAD and definitly need more practice with those. It’s lots of fun but I gotta work on keeping the altitude. For the checkride in general you need to be within 10 degrees of your desired heading and 100 ft of your desired altitude. I’m getting there!

I pulled out my phone camera and snapped a few shots on the way back to KGAI. The trees were a very fall color at some points but I couldn’t play with the camera much.

10 miles north of KGAI

10 miles north of KGAI

I managed to accidentally shoot video instead of still pix so the quality of the photo isn’t great.

We land with about a 10-12kt crosswind at KGAI and instructor tells me to try to tilt the wing into the wind and just land touching just the left rear wheel first…yeah right!

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