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Fabulous Fall

Flew in a fabulous fall day. The trees are changing, it’s cool so no sweating in the cockpit. Just a perfect day to fly. And so did a gazillion other people.

We head off to Fredrick (KFDK) as usual do a couple of stalls on the way there (one in the landing the other in the takeoff configuration) and nothing unusual happens. We switch to the KFDK CTAF and it’s like non stop talking!

As we approach the airport, we see a large balloon, a glider, a jet and a couple of cessna’s. It was insane out there! We did a simulated engine out in the midst of all this, I think my instructor figured a little more mishigass (that’s craziness in Yiddish for y’all) wouldn’t hurt. I come in pretty good and we do a go around.

It’s was totally bizarre flying around the airport with this big balloon hanging around pretty close to the airport just a bit higher. The craziest part for my taste was the damn thing was black! Who flys a black balloon?? They are supposed to be bright colors!

Anyway we do a couple more landings one with no flaps and the other normal and head back to KGAI. That’s about it!

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