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Misty, Hoody, Gassey

Had a very interesting lesson this morning. The weather was very misty but fine in Gaithersburg, when we took off it was supposedly MVFR or IFR in KFDK, but we expected it to clear. We took off to a very scenic view of lots of low lying fog mist in the area, very cool looking.

I get put under the hood on pretty quickly and there goes my scenic view. We practice putting the plane in a strange attitude and then me getting the controls and fixing it. Not too difficult really you just pull or push down and in the case of going down you pull the throttle to idle and when going up you give it all the gas, to avoid stalling. As we approach KFDK the visibility is 2.5SM and that’s ok for us plus. That relatively low visibility had a bonus in that there was NO traffic, which was pleasant.

We land and had to get gas in KFDK because in KGAI the gas tanks were undergoing some type of maintenance. And the plane I was in was needed later for someone’s checkride. I was fun seeing how to get gas. I’ve done it once before in Lancaster but it’s all still new to me.

We take off and go to do some stalls. We’re up at 2500 and I’m supposed to do a stall in the landing configuration. It’s all fine and the nose doesn’t tip up much until at the end. I’m below 40RPM the stall horn squeals I pull back more and it just DROPS this time a very full blown stall. I push forward a little bit mostly realeasing the yoke pull back to level off and give it full throttle. We were a tad surprised and dropped 500ft which I think scared us both a little bit…but it was fun actually! We do another not quite so dropping stall, and the main problem with the first one is that I pushed the yoke foward, just following the planes lead the first time causing us to lose a tad too much altitude. Anyway practice makes perfect.

I also did a couple of 360 degree turns which was fun. Trying to keep the plane level while turning is definitely tricky. Was an awesome view turning with the mist and ground popping through the mist.

I go under the hood again and he takes me virutally all the way into KGAI even getting in the pattern, turning to base and turning to final, all under the hood. Very freaky. Was like a real instrument landing practically. I only take the hood off once in final. I come in decent and the instructor is very much emphasizing the speeds lately keeping it as 65kts. I do ok with it not great but land ok just as we are above the runway the plane drops a bit more then I’d have liked, some air turbulance and we land fine but got a nice bump hitting the runway.

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