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Checking Magneto’s …putt putt

Had a great lesson today turned out to be a long one about 1.6 hrs. BUT before the excitement of actually flying we had a little bugaboo with the first plane attempt. I check the plane out get the squawk code and everything is all set. Taxi out to area to do the engine runup checklist. Run the engine up to 1700 RPM check the right magneto and PHUT..PHUT…ROUGH COUGH PUHT. Sounds very funky. Check the left magneto and it’s just fine but the right one COUGH PHUT PHUT again so something is wrong, probably, with the spark plug. Instructor says we need to take it to the hanger so we head to the hanger. Sigh….

They try to run the engine up with a  lean mixture which can burn off extra carbon deposits but that doesn’t work. So the plane is stuck in the hanger and we go back to the office to get another plane. Another plane is available (fortunately) and we check it, top off the gas, file for an SFRA plan and FINALLY get to take off.

We head off north towards Fredrick as usual and practice some more slow flight and stalls. I’m starting to get a much better hang of things. First we do a power on stall and then a power off stall switching between dirty (flaps down) and clean configurations. I still get a little confused and instructor demos the stuff but I do reasonably well overall.

I get to practice 360 steep turns which is also lots of fun. Banking at 45 degrees, trying to not gain or lose altitude is darn tricky but fun. I do reasonable also, not great but reasonable. Just for jollies, since we were very close to Carroll County airport (KDMW), we decide to land there. That was fun and I at least picked out the correct runway good and got on the 45 to join the pattern there fine. I land ok, not great and I’m definitely having more issues landing with this instructor then with my previous instructors because he’s really wanting me to hit the correct speeds and altitudes. A good thing eventually. We come to a full stop in KDMW and I just taxi around and take off again. I try a soft field takeoff and get too high too early but that’s the way it goes…practice practice practice.

I head back towards KGAI and I am definitely getting better navigating the area and recognized various water towers and can spot the airport much better. Nice to not be totally dependent on the GPS. We head in to KGAI and there is quite a bit of cross wind pushing us to the side. I come in ok and wind up bouncing a bit and not a great angle. Definitely did NOT impress the instructor with that one. Onward and upward!

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