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Ye Ole’ But New Pattern

The weather FINALLY cleared up and I got to fly on a beautiful day today, the day after Thanksgiving. Rather then take in the scenery my instructor decides that I should do some pattern work. Actually I agreed and this was also the first time that I’ve done pattern work with my new instructor (if you recall this is instructor number 3).

I was really focused on trying to hit very specific speeds and altitudes for each leg. Not just lazy riding around in circles. I was all over the map in terms of speeds the first time so the instructor decides to demonstrate one. At first I was annoyed since I’ve literally flow a couple of hundred patterns, but as he went round and explained stuff in much clearer terms then my other instructors it was a good thing.

In addition to hitting altitudes and speeds he is attempting to teach me a different way of landing. He want me to round out at the end of the approach and fly parallel for as long as possible bleeding off the speed and, hopefully, at the end hitting the tarmac with the speed as slow as possible and with the nose high giving the plane a high angle of attack. It’s most interesting and I think I’ll get the hang of it with a little more practice but it’s not what I’m used to. This new way makes lots of sense and seems like it should be safer. Fun fun…nothing like going through 3 instructors having each once a bit different.

I wound up the day with 6 landing each one getting better mostly. My big weakness now appears to be my lack of right rudder a lot for climbs and turns. Onward and upward!

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