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Crosswind Pattern

Nice day (again) for pattern work and today there was a healthy crosswind. The runway at KGAI is 14 and the wind was from 220 at 9kts with gusts to 14kts. Finally honest to god crosswind…I really need the practice!

We were able to practice the whole shmear of crosswind procedures. While taxing and while starting the runup down the runway I turned the ailerons into the wind. That helps keep the airplane running straight. As soon as we hit 60kts  we rotate to lift off we point the nose into the wind and  crab the plane. It was pretty darn gusty and bouncy in general. FUN!

There was also a fair bit of traffic, this being Sunday, and we did a couple of patterns with a very tight base turn to help out another plane behind us and it was very interesting turning to base and then pretty quickly to final. On final it was kinda touch keeping the speed and trying to hit the center line AND crabbing into the wind. I was ok but it was definitely a challenge.

Wound up doing a total of 5 landings each one a tad bit better. But a variety of problems dealing with speed and altitude for each. Practice practice. It was a definite learning experience to do a whole pattern with a decent cross wind.

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