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This is a dangerous job

Great day to fly so we did MORE pattern work. The new instructor is really pushing me to hit the very specific speeds and altitudes and keeping that ball centered for the turns. It’s definitely good for me as I think I’ve become somewhat lackadaisical.

Doing all the pattern work makes me feel like I’ve taken a step backwards but being more precise with the flying reminds me that I ain’t quite there yet. Mostly we practiced short and soft field takeoffs and landings. I have the soft field take off down pretty good. The landings are also more challenging as I’m being taught a different way to land. He want me to keep the plane off the runway for as long as possible to burn off speed and make the landings smoother. Getting there but it’s a bit strange changing my “technique” in mid-training.

On the second short field landing I was a bit high and too slow, just looked off, so the instructor said “controls are mine” to which I said …”no no I got it” and he insisted. And then later kinda yelled at me in pointing out that when he says he has the controls he means it and I can’t play around. He said “This is a dangerous job” to which I wayyyyyy agree. I sure couldn’t sit calmly by as a student get’s up to speed. It was a good lesson overall and I’m making progress….sloooooooow but sure.


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