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Pitter Patter(n)

More pattern work today. Although somewhat annoying also really good for me. Mostly we worked on soft and short field landings.

One amusing incident before it all started. This morning at 8AM getting to the airpark there was (for the first time ever) frost on the windshield and wings. I placed my headset on the yoke, checked the lights and lowered the flaps to check the ailerons. On my walk around I attempt to move the ailerons and they don’t move much. I kind of shake them a little and they still don’t move…hmmmm. I figure there must me more frost then I thought and since my instructor hasn’t shown up I don’t worry plenty of time to melt. I continue the walk around and the rudder doesn’t move. WTF! This is really odd. I go back to the cockpit and move my headset a little and see that the control lock is still in place!! I had covered it up by the headset ….duhhhhh.  The control surfaces sure move a lot easier without the control lock in place 😉

For the flying nothing particularly unusual, just really trying to get more specific with the speeds. Hitting 85kts on downwind, 75kts on base and 65kts on final all the way to the threshold. Making progress but it’s tricky. Also getting very specific with altitude particularly on the short field practice. And being sure to hit the centerline on landing even moving around a bit when over the runway to correct, that’s amusing!

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