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Strong Winds, Smooth Landing

Back in the proverbial saddle again. The weather finally cleared up. Practiced a bunch of slow flight today.

Got lucky checking the plane out today it was cold and windy but the plane was in the hanger so instead of wandering around the plane in the wind I did it inside.  It was just in the hanger in anticipation of snow last night, which never showed up.

We start things off with a short field take off and I only screwed up one thing, (pulled the yoke back before take off …needed for soft field not short field), but did most everything else ok. We head off towards Fredrick but wound up just doing a bunch of slow flight and stall practices. I need to get more clear which version of the slow flight I’m doing and tend to confuse them. Slow flight in clean, dirty, in takeoff config and so on. I’m getting there but need too many hints from the instructor. The actual flying is going fine.

We do a couple of 360 steep turn practices and head back to KGAI. The AWOS said that the wind was from 340 at 17kts…thats strong!! Fortunately the runway is 32 so it’s just directly a headwind. I come in fine and do an really really smooth barely felt touchdown. I thought it was cause I was holding off the actual touchdown as I’m being taught but in the debrief the instructor says it was cause we were traveling really slow because of the wind. And of course I helped…anyway that’s about it.

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