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Sunset, Short Field, Pattern

Flew kinda late in the day today which had the benefit of a nice sunset for the last couple of patterns around the air port.

We worked almost exclusively on short field landings. I did a horrible soft field takeoff today (very annoying)! Took off climbing at 75kts and went around. The downwind was fine and I was told to do a short field landing. The idea being to come down to 200ft AGL to be 50ft above a (mythical obstacle) at 65kts. Next you’re supposed to hold that altitude by increasing throttle (if necessary) and slow down to 60kts by raising the nose a little bit. It’s a little odd on a landing raising the nose like that but getting slow is important. Then you drop down to the runway and are supposed to touchdown right on the numbers.

For the first 3 or 4 landings I always touched down a bit beyond the numbers (not kosher for the checkride). On the last two I hit the number once and then touched down a tad before the number once also not good cause it was on the threshold. But it improved mostly the whole way through.

Another issue I had was just turning in the right place for the downwind today. I was using an incorrect landmark so screwed that up today a few times. Totally annoying as I’ve flown this pattern over a couple of hundred times…sheeeesh! Also for the turn to base the sun was very much in our eyes which made things more challenging. (excuses excuses šŸ˜‰ Anyway it was still a fun lesson and I’m looking forward to nailing this landing technique next time.

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