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Short Field Landings..Hold That Altitude

Another day in the pattern today. I’d be getting annoyed if it wasn’t so much fun landing lots in the pattern. Practiced short field landings mostly today.

The idea is to land on or slightly beyond the numbers of the runway. I was not too bad but the instructor is wanting me to do everything all proper (can you imagine that!). The proper way is to hold altitude to clear a “mythical” obstacle by 50th, then drop and slow to 60kts by putting the power to idle but pitching up to slow to 60 (we should be at 65 to clear the obstacle). After 6 landing I sorta got it. I don’t have any problem with the actual short landing part but am very bobbly with the business of holding the obstacle altitude and then dropping right after.

I also managed to have issues “centering the ball” and keeping my turns not steep and coordinated. Since we were doing a left handed pattern it was odd using the left rudder I’m so used to using the right rudder (for climbs and right hand patterns). Sigh. Practice practice.

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