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Soft Patterns and Flight Logging

No flying today the weather is awful, misty with low 1100ft cloud cover. But can you believe I forgot to blog about yesterday’s flight!!

Back to pattern work. This time the emphasis was almost exclusively on soft field landings. Not all that difficult really but the instructor wants me to really land “properly” with the nose up…the bastard. I tend to land in a flatter angle. Also there was a decent crosswind which made things a little tricky but it’s great practice that I do need. Crosswinds are particularly interesting in that you’re supposed to land on one (or the other) rear wheel. Sheeeesh.

I wound up doing about 6 landings and had more difficulty then I should have holding the correct altitude on the pattern. I almost always overshot the pattern altitude of 1500 ft, and hit 1600ft a lot, totally annoying. The landings themselves weren’t that bad but weren’t that great either. It’s high time I start nailing them more consistently.

On a totally different note, I’ve started using a web site called http://www.flightlogg.in to log my flights (in addition to the physical paper logbook). It’s free and does all sorts of cool things like addition so I can total up my hours 😉 More interesting is that you can total up and graph hours for each airplane you’ve used. So the figure below is my hours in different planes…cool huh!

hours by tail number

Hours by Tail Number

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