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Parasites, Induction, P-Factor…no flying for you!

So I head off to the airpark today, the sky was very grey all day, but the overcast was high enough around 4800-6000ft. It was starting to snow a little. Hmmmm. I get to the airpark and the visibility just crashed to 1 mile and then less so no flying…bummer!

However I wound up doing a full hour of ground school. With the relatively new instructor I started from the very beginning. The thing is I never really had much of any ground school so I didn’t mind and it was actually fun and informative. I new (sorta) most but learned quite a bit.  In addition I’m now able to really understand why we step on the right rudder on climbs (p-factor) and the different types of drag (parasitic and induction) and hopefully during the oral part of my check ride (whenever the hell that is) I will have a more intelligent discussion with the examiner. It’s kind amusing that after nearly 90hrs of flight time, and having already passing my official FAA knowledge test, I’m now doing some ground school!

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