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Holding that Altitude

Another lesson in the pattern today. (seems to be a trend lately) Practiced soft field takeoff twice and short field takeoff twice…did ok. The plane sure has a tendency to just lift off so holding it down for ground effect on the soft field takeoff is kinda strange.

Did some soft landings fairly decent so I think I got that shtick down. Then we did a few short field landings. For the first one I got a tad too low (or so my instructor thought) and he did one of the “I have the controls” routines where he took control of the plane from me (kinda annoying actually but I’d probably do that too if I was in his shoes). First he’s stressing to me to get low then it was too low. The issue is that I don’t anticipate the lag of the response of the airplane.

Anyway on the 2nd and 3rd times I did much better and got to the desired altitude (650ft) fine and held the altitude and speed fine. However after the mythical obstical I just let the plane decend slowly. That’s wrong! You are supposed to keep the altitude at 650 and then where you’re sure you will make the runway  pull the throttle to idle and go down quickly rounding out at the end before the numbers so you hit just at or a little past the numbers. I’m almost getting it and now that I FINALLY understand the correct procedure I’m looking forward to the next lesson where I’m determined to nail it!


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