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Emergency Practice and Stall Fail

Off to the Wooley gate today to practice emergency landings. (been there done that) Nothing unusual on the way to Fredrick (KFDK) and I spotted the runway pretty well, and navigated there just fine without the GPS thank you very much.

So on the pre-brief my instructor pointed out what he wanted me to do for distances and altitudes and some techniques to lose altitude when your engine is out. (gaining altitude with no engine is somewhat problematic)

He has me come in very high (2000AGL) to KFDK and pulls the throttle I raise the nose to 65kts and turn off carb heat. All is well but I’m kinda slow in the brain figuring out what to do in terms of losing altitude. I would have been happy to just mozy on the downwind but eventually figured out to do some S-turns and then lower 10 degrees of flaps. I wind up putting all the flaps down too quickly but manage a fairly reasonable landing. Instructor was not that happy…he’s getting grumpier these days.

We go around for another and I screw up coming in too high and we do a go around and I get yelled out for my go around technique…which I haven’t done in quite a while..sigh.

Go around for another try starting lower this one at 1500MSL and just the altitude much better turn from downwind to crosswind to final fine but kinda screw up the height aspect again. He really wants me to hit a specific portion of the runway as opposed to just getting the plane down which throws me a tad. I did wind up with a spectacular smooth slow landing however that he did like.

After the emergency practices we go to practice a stall in the landing configuration and as this was totally not in my brain, I manage to screw up thinking what to do when. I eventually figure it out with some hints and do the stall flying fine. But overall not good.

We head back to Gaithersburg and I navigate pretty good without the GPS. We get to the 45 for runway 14 and I’m told to do a short field landing. Which I was very glad to hear because I wanted to nail it. So I manage to screw it up pretty good. I level out on the final too high don’t drop down quick enough and land wayyyyyy too far down the runway. Grrrrr.


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