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Poweron Stall…oops

Had a good long lesson today…flew out to Fredrick.

Was supposed to do some power on stalls and I managed AGAIN to screw up and not remember exactly what to do. Instructor got a tad annoyed. I was annoyed because I had actually reviewed the procedures with some practice sheets the school gave me a long time ago. The settings on the sheets for example reducing speed to 1500RPM were not what I was being told now…go to 1200RPM. GRRRRR.

Anyway the sheets were not the problem I just got a tad confused between power on versus power off stalls and so on. We practiced some more emergency landings at KFDK and I was ok not great but not that bad. We headed back to KGAI and I did a couple of steep turn practices also not so good as it was a long time since I did those.

Last but not least did a short field landing and did ok, I at least hit a little bit past the numbers and was able to exit the runway at the first taxiway. Onward.

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