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Flying Debris

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I complete about half of the pre-flight checklist all the outside of the plane stuff and am ready to start the engine. The outside work consists of walking around checking the gas and oil and random other things. To check the gas you have to first sump some gas which is a little wine cup looking thing with a 4 inch rod sticking up right in the middle. You poke the rod into a little gasket hole thingy (that’s a technical term) in the wing and look to see if the gas is clear and appears normal. Next you climb onto a teeny tiny ledge with one foot to get on to the top of the wing. You open up the gas tank, pour the gas from the sump cup into the tank and also use a plastic measuring stick to get the exact gas level. You jump down off the teeny tiny ledge and after repeating again for the other wing and gas tank you check the oil which is accessed via a little door on top of the cowl (the hood) of the plane.

So it’s time to start the engine. I put the master switch on call out “clear” through the window and start the engine. My instructor practically jumps out of the seat, grabs the fuel mixture control and cuts the engine off, all without telling me what’s going on! He opens his door, get’s out and looks under the plane. He returns with the sump cup and measuring stick!! I managed to simply leave them on the cowl after I checked the oil. Well I won’t forget to put them away again.

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