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Grey Skys, Smooth Sailing

June 27, 2011 Leave a comment

So another day around and around the loop. Traffic pattern practice went quite well today. The first loops however I must have still been asleep I started the “proceedure” late and we wound up at 1200 ft at the beginning of the final. I could have forced a landing but didn’t seem wise and did a go around, most annoying!

Almost hit some perfect patterns but not quite there. Did a couple of engine failure simulations. It’s important to realize that simply reaching the runway with no engine is fine but being 1000 ft up in the air is somewhat problematic for an actual landing.

On the second of the two failures I landed just fine but just before the turn from base to final the stall horn started to go that will wake you up quick! I saw the RPM had slowed to about 45, not real healthy. It wasn’t a problem just pitched forward to speed up and we were still quite a bit high anyway, but was interesting.

On one other approach (just regular with fully functional engine and flaps) I finally thought I’d have a perfect one, was on the center line and all was fine, then as the last couple of seconds the damn plane tilted a little bit and we landed on one wheel the rear left, but since all else was great it was still pretty smooth but annoying as usual. Perfection awaits!

PS I wonder what the flying equivalent of “smooth sailing” is 😉

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